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Healthcare delivery and administration continues to become more complex. Uncompensated care is on the rise, demographics are changing, and patients are demanding more for their healthcare dollars.  All the while, there continues to be a shortage of healthcare professionals to address the ever-demanding needs of consumers and patients.

To meet these challenges, Dynamites Consulting provides the right combination of clinical and business process improvements, coupled with technology to help hospitals and health systems achieve an environment that is interconnected,streamlined, efficient, and patient-focused. Our vision for the healthcare industry is simple: we want healthy people to successfully interact with a safe,efficient, and consumer-friendly healthcare system.


Electronic billing Benefits: Faster Payments, Lower Rejection Rates, Claims Filed to All Carriers, and Constant Cash Flow.  

At Dynamites Consulting, we offer a variety of medical billing services:

Our Medical Billing Services are offered Nationwide! We customize your services. We work with CMS-1500 and UB-92. We remotely access your current database, networking our software with your office. Our services include but not limited to:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Charge Entry
  • Claims Filing (Electronic and Paper)
  • Payments Posting and Reconciliation
  • Analysis of Claims and Payments
  • Appeals for Denials and Incorrect Payments
  • A R Follow-up and M I S Reports
  • Reports: Accounts Receivable
  • Practice Analysis
  • Transaction Reports
  • Claims Reports
  • Custom Reports as per Provider Requirement

Demographic Entry

  • PatientInformation
  • Emergency Contact
  • Insurance Information
  • Subscriber Information Patient Enrollment - manual
  • Patient Enrollment - automated with staff updates as necessary

Working -Accounts Receivable

  • Denials / Rejections Analysis, Re-Billing
  • Systemic A/R Projects, Re-Billing
  • Insurance Follow Up
  • Collection Agency Reporting
  • Payment Posting and Reconciliation

Medical Coding

Dynamites Consulting offers highest level of quality medical coding services. Dynamites Consulting ensures through experienced Medical Coding Professionals, accurate and complete coding with full compliance of the Correct Coding Initiatives (CCI) and Local Medical Review Policies (LMRP's).

  • Basic & Advanced ICD-9 CM Coding
  • Basic & Advanced CPT Coding
  • Evaluation & Management Documentation
  • Chart Auditing
  • Coding Compliance

Along with the Medical Billing Services, we offer Medical Coding services also. You may choose one or both. Correct coding practices are no longer optional but mandatory. Health care providers are moving toward a digital health record system in hospitals and physician care environments. Coding literally stands between the delivery of patient services, timing and the amount of reimbursement. Complete and accurate coding not only eliminates regulatory risk to the health care provider, but also results in improved revenues of 15% to 40% higher.Obviously, you have to make money to be able to continue your dream. We help you do that. In addition to Medical Billing Specialists, we employ Medical Coding Specialists. They are certified by AAPC (CCS-P). We offer nothing but the best in coding staff and coding services.

Our coders are certified by either AAPC or AHIMA. Our coders follow Medicare, Payer and Client guidelines and are experienced in coding from the medical records. They use our proprietary coding software and industry resources such as Ingenix Encoder Pro to ensure accurate and compliant coding. All of our coding goes through a verification process to ensure proper coding.We assign the correct ICD-9, CPT, and/or HCPCS codes derived from the medical records and reports from your practice.

Medical Coding Audits - we analyze your medical records and previous coding to make sure you are on the right track and understanding of medical coding. If there are discrepancies, then we help you with that so that you receive the maximum reimbursement for the service.


Dynamites Consulting is committed to complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Privacy, Security, and Electronic Transaction standards.

Dynamites Consulting has implemented policies, processes and procedures designed to ensure compliance with the Privacy standards and has begun monitoring and auditing these changes for compliance and effectiveness. Systems, policies and procedures have been identified for development and/or enhancement, Internet and interface connectivity is already encrypted and/or password protected, and electronic access has been limited to only those Individuals/Entities who have the required authorisation.

Our Compliance is with respect to HIPAA requirement as below Privacy: HIPAA's privacy standards are designed to protect an individual's identifiable health information from unauthorized disclosure or use in any form, whether communicated or maintained electronically, on paper, or orally.

HIPAA also sets forth rules to safeguard individually identifiable health information when it is exchanged with "Business Associates". A "Business Associate", as defined under HIPAA, is any party who renders services to or on behalf of a "Covered Entity" and that has access to individually identifiable health information. When an outsourcer translates a transaction into HIPAA standard form, for example, it always does so as a "Business Associate" of another "Covered Entity".

Our Security Standards are designed to contain any possible leakage of Individual Health Related information by any means through Physical Controls,Technical Controls on our Systems and Admin Procedures.

HIPAA Audits are conducted at Regular Intervals to Ensure complete Compliance.

Compliance Details:

  • Designation of a full-time Compliance Officer responsible for implementation of the program
  • Incorporation of written standards and policies that guide our staff
  • Staff empowerment through training, in addition to innovations in compensation systems, appraisal and developmental systems, recognition, participation, and quality of work life
  • Incorporation of written standards and policies that guide our staff
  • Regular audit of overall compliance effort
  • Formulation of corrective plans to address any instances of non-compliance

Confidentiality Details:

  • Physical Security: Physical access to our facility secured with Access cards and onsite security forces.
  • Information Security: Transmitted data is secured with 128 bit encryption, SSL
  • Desktop Access: Access to our network limited by auto-logoff, ID/password protection password protected screensavers, security-enabled OS (WinNT/2000-XP PRO not Win95/98/ME) and appropriate personnel classifications.
  • Continuity: Our operation prepared to continue in the event of an emergency with well distributed Emergency Response Procedures, Disaster Recovery Plan(s), and Business Continuity Plan(s), all based on a Business Impact Analysis
  • Human Resources: There is an employee educational training program in place to ensure the requisite HIPAA knowledge 'level of awareness'
  • Privacy: We enable the patients to control their health records including access, disclosures, minimum necessary' standard, consent and authorization, etc.
  • Business Associates and Partners: We maintain up-to-date contractual agreements with all business parties
  • Documentation: We have all the necessary policies documented and they are enforced and taught to employees.


Making the most of every dollar invested in your business office and admissions staff is critical for survival and success in today&39; s competitive healthcare market. Hospitals must look beyond simply tracking the cost of business office salaries and benefits, and gaining the ability to manage and maximize the people, processes and technology that drive every aspect of the revenue cycle.

By entrusting the management of your entire revenue cycle to Dynamites Consulting, you harness the talent and expertise of our revenue cycle professionals who can help you lower the overall cost of your business office and achieve sustainable revenue cycle improvements.

Dynamites Consulting  understands the workings of the entire hospital business office, from clinical results through medical records, and we use our expertise to help you analyze the true costs of managing your revenue cycle. This analysis reveals areas of improvement in processes, staffing, procedures, and even the systems involved in registration, charging, coding, billing, and collections. We then customize a full-service solution that utilizes our proven revenue cycle processes, best practices, technology, and professionals to help drive down your cost to collect while improving your cash flow.

Our full-service approach can encompass accountability for every aspect of your business office, including:

  • Billing
  • Call Center Activities
  • Cashiering and Posting
  • Government Compliance
  • Insurance Verification and Authorization
  • Patient Access
  • Patient Collections
  • HIM/Medical Records and Transcription
  • Third-party Resolution

Results That Speak for themselves By outsourcing your business office to Dynamites Consulting, your hospital can realize measurable and sustainable results. Improvements to your bottom line can be fueled by:

  • Increased net cash; typically, 3 to 5%
  • Bad debt reduction
  • Fewer days in A/R
  • Improved relationships with both physicians and patients

As your bottom line improves, our revenue cycle solutions also help drive improvements to the quality of the services you provide. From a technological perspective, Dynamites Consulting  can introduce workflow automation, remote coding, systems integration, and denial management that save time, while improving the quality of the data being used for collections. These elements work together to make both your physicians&39; and patients&39; experience more pleasant thanks to fewer errors and streamlined billing resolution.

Dynamites Consulting  is a trusted provider of revenue cycle solutions to leading hospitals . Our satisfied clients include everything from 40-bed rural hospitals to urban medical centers, large teaching hospitals, and multiple-facility systems with thousands of beds. The results we have provided for these clients include:

By outsourcing your business office to Dynamites Consulting, your hospital can realize measurable and sustainable results.


  • We have expertise in following key areas.
  • Accounts Receivables Management.
  • Diagnosis and Procedure coding.
  • Insurance Verification
  • Medical Transcription