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What is GMS?

  • Is an online web based application which supports registration of grievances and its allocation, processing and resolution end to end.
  • Is a shared system to handle the grievances of all stakeholders thereby reducing redundancy, operational overheads, and costs.
  • Centralized monitoring of all grievances at various levels and stakeholders, can be done effectively with proper escalation mechanism.
  • Gets all the grievances and actions taken of various departments and related users.
  • Generate reports on the fly based on inputs provided.

Why GMS for any Organization?

  • Improves the performance of an Organization.
  • Provides an efficient information dissemination system in the organization.
  • Provides an escalation mechanism to bring grievances to the notice of senior authorities.
  • Identifies weak points of governance, there by enabling organization to take remedial measures whether systemic or procedural.
  • Provides long term solution, and systemic policy improvement for the problems.

                 GMS Brochure

Key Differentiators

  • Is independent of the department or the organization and is configurable to any department.
  • Can be integrated with existing web application independent of the technology being used.
  • Developed completely using open source hence no additional license costs.
  • Can be installed on servers on which the existing application is running hence no hardware costs.
  • Auto escalation of grievance lodged if not addressed in the configured time based on severity.
  • Users of the application just require a browser to access the application (Thin client).
  • User can customize the view of the application as per their color preferences.
  • Can be integrated with any existing RDBMS being used.
  • Can be integrated with existing employee user base.