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Our rich experience in Software and Application Testing, deep industry knowledge, broad testing tool expertise, flexible delivery model help you accelerate application testing, improve software quality at reduced cost. Dynamites Consulting with its comprehensive application testing services can be your transformation partner in your current as well as future quality assurance activities. Metrics based analysis, review and process improvement program is created, enhanced and monitored by Testing Team of Excellence (TTE). This ongoing process optimization enables us to maintain and improve high quality of deliverables, ensure on-time deliveries and reduce costs. Our learning model uses the feedback mechanism for the continuous improvements, in conformance with processes.


Our investment in building reusable test templates translates into immediate benefits to the customer, in terms of increased efficiency and shorter time to market. Dynamites Consulting has a unique and proven Testing Methodology to ensure

  • Standardized test and defect management processes
  • Reusable test artifacts are created and managed
  • Improvements are driven by metrics data gathering and analysis

Best Practices

  • Robust, extensible Test Automation Framework
  • Agile Testing
  • Use of open source testing tools WATIJ
  • Starting the activities at beginning of development itself, Judging the degree/level of testing required by understanding the scope/purpose of project
  • Continuous inspections/reviews taken care by Testing Team of Excellence.